Diversifying Multi-Family Design


With more than 200 townhome projects under our belts every townhome project has its own set of challenges, whether it be site complexity due to grading, lot size constraints or building design to suit the site or the process involved in obtaining Site Plan Approval. We work closely with the Civil Engineers to ensure the final grading works well for the site and also for the buildings. Maximizing site density as much as possible with building, driveways, parking, and landscaping is also very important.


Orchard is familiar with the special demands and detail of multi-unit design. From semi-detached homes to award winning townhomes and medium density projects, we have extensive experience in residential projects on all types of land topography and lot size and configuration.


Unique Elevations


We work closely with you to develop unique multi-family home facades that blend harmoniously with the streetscape.

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From Traditional to Custom Use


Orchard Design can design you traditional multi-family townhomes or semi detached homes, but can also custom tailor unique live/work accomodations and stacked townhomes.


Mansion Street Townhomes

Mansion Street Townhomes

Mansion Street Townhomes