Sales Office Audit


Sometimes the answer to why you are selling isn’t as simple as price or product.


The shopping experience that your potential purchasers go through may not meet the standards you have set or even assume are being met. Builders and Sales Managers are often too close to the situation to objectively evaluate the shopping experience.


Orchard Design will visit and evaluate the customer experience on 5 levels.  Our report will cover the following:




Finding the Site

How easy was the presentation centre to find?


Online Presence

More than 3 out of 4 potential purchasers visit a builder's website prior to visiting the model home or sales centre.


Sales Office/Model Home

Were there any deficiencies in the presentation?


Marketing Materials

What impression do the handout materials give the potential buyer?


Sales Person

How knowledgeable was the sales person? Were they friendly? Did they greet the shopper?