Product Development


Your home designs are your product. The more saleable your plans are, the more you benefit. You will enjoy higher conversion rates on your sales centre traffic. You likely will be able to command a premium for your homes. They help you establish a strong brand.


So why would you neglect or fail to invest in your product?


Every builder should be re-evaluating their home line-up every couple of years. Some plans will be fine, some should be updated and some should just be dropped.


Orchard Design’s position in the market place, and collective experience plays an important role in this process. With the amount of homes we design and draft every year, we are able to uncover emerging trends and shifting demographics in the market place sooner than any individual designer or builder can. Patterns emerge only through a large sample size.


We integrate this expertise into the homes we design.


Building technology is constantly changing. Whether it be building code changes or modifications to existing energy requirements, our staff is trained to address these issues.


The definition of family is constantly evolving. What’s normal today? Sociological and socio-economic trends have significant impact on home design. What impact did the car have on urban and home design? Women leaving the home and joining the work force has had a significant impact. What about emerging trends of home offices and tele-commuting? The aging population has already had a tremendous impact on the market, and this generation has more money than any generation before it.


Cultures of materialisism and consumerism have seen the size of closets, storage areas, TVs, furniture etc. all increase in size. For example, a TV used to sit in the corner, now it needs an entire wall.


An in-depth evaluation of your product, compared to the marketplace is a prudent and smart business decision to ensure the long term health of your business.