Major Subdivision Planned for Guelph’s East Side

April 02, 2012

A major new townhouse development is in the planning stages for east side land that currently holds only the new Guelph Public Library East Side Branch.


KLM Planning Partners, on behalf of Guelph Watson 5-3 Inc., plans to build 200 residential units in the form of townhouses and stack townhouses on 5.84 hectares of land designated as 11 Starwood Drive.


The project fronts Watson Road to the east and Starwood Drive to the south. It proposes 63 on-street townhouses and 138 stacked townhouse units, as well a commercial block, an institutional block, and one block of property designated as park space.


Situated in one of the fastest growing residential areas in Guelph, the project’s planner is seeking a zoning amendment that would change part of the subject property from “industrial” to “mixed use node” zoning.


The land is currently designated as a “greenfield area,” which allows for a range of residential, commercial and employment uses with a minimum density of 50 people and jobs per hectare. The subdivision proposal would see 62 residential units per hectare of land.


The application process for the proposal was completed on Dec. 15, 2011. No decisions will be made by council Monday on the plan. Council will hear from four public delegations related to the plan at the meeting, and council members will have an opportunity to seek clarification and identify planning issues.


In recent months, Guelph’s east side, with its somewhat softer housing prices compared to the south end, has become more attractive for home buyers, Jeff Matteis, president of the Guelph and District Association of Realtors said in a recent Mercury report.


The area of the city has been the site of sweeping residential developments over the past roughly three years.


The Starwood Drive project is close to the York District Lands, which are the subject of planning for the Guelph Innovation District, a proposed mix of residential, educational, commercial and industrial developments.


by Rob O`Flanagan. Guelph Mercury