Letter From the Owners


Our Mission Statement


We are dedicated to the building industry. We continuously look for innovative ways to advance the industry and propel the professionalism and success of our clients. Our mission is to seemlessly integrate diverse talents, tools and information into a complete solution for our building clients.


Dear Valued Clients and Future Clients,


Orchard Design Studio Inc. was born from an idea to integrate related services in order to provide more efficient and useful work for our clients. These days, new tools, technologies and ideas are constantly flooding the business world and at Orchard, our services are constantly evolving as we discover, assess and utilize the ever changing ways of doing business.


The information on this website is meant to introduce, update or re-introduce the range of services that we provide. As always, our goal is to provide the best and most complete package of services to our clients.


Please browse through to discover all that we can do for you and if you have questions or need further information, we invite you to pick up the phone and call, or email us directly.



Thank you,



Keith Reycraft

Bryan Bruce

Paul Attwood

Christine Runstedler

Carrie McMillan