Identity & Branding



Orchard Design provides complete branding solutions to carry out a successful identity program to put your business at the forefront of the market. Our in depth knowledge of the industry enables us to provide you with informed advice and creative concepts relevant to the home-building industry. We will collaborate with you to deliver a fully integrated marketing communications program for your company.

Corporate Branding



Your corporate brand is the image you want your customers to remember you by. At Orchard we believe in developing your identity to capture your company’s mission in a simple, yet clever and memorable graphic interpretation. Make your mark in the industry and add your name to the list today. We have developed countless successful and recognized corporate identities for a wide array of clients.



  • 91.5 The Beat Corporate Logo
  • Wastell Homes Logo
  • Cambridge Insurance Corporate Logo
  • Habitat for Humanity 25 Year Logo
  • Doug Tarry Logo
  • IN8 Developments Logo
  • Ceramic Decor Corporate Logo
  • Doering Building Group  Corporate Logo
  • Enhanced Hardwood Corporate Logo
  • Forest Park Homes Corporate Logo
  • Marquis Corporate Logo
  • InReach Corporate Logo
  • Planet Realty Corporate Logo
  • Inspiring Wellbeing Corporate Logo
  • Platinum Homes Limited Corporate Logo
  • Orchard Design Studio Inc. Corporate Logo
  • NE Global Corporate Logo
  • Polocorp Corporate Logo

Project and SIte Branding



Site branding is equally as important as your corporate identity. Our experience naming sites and creating visual identities will lead to a well thought out and professionally executed site brand. Your site brand will set the tone for your community and become a recognizable landmark for residents of your community for years to come.



  • Barra Castle Logo

  • Seventh Logo

  • Haven Logo

  • Westminster Highlands Logo

  • 155UpTown Logo

  • Castlewood Logo

  • Carolinian Heights Logo

  • Highlands Logo

  • Enhanced Hardwood Corporate Logo

  • Pinegrove Logo

  • Williamsburg Walk Logo

  • The Vales Logo

  • Grand RidgeLogo

  • Bloom Logo

  • Victoria on the River Logo

  • River Mill Condominiums Logo

  • Central Park Logo

  • Coho Logo

  • Westpoint Logo

  • Tribeca Logo

  • Wesfields Logo

  • Falling Waters Logo

  • Wellington Manor Logo

  • Coho Logo

  • Fit Logo

  • Lion's Park Estates Logo

  • Maple Keys Logo

  • The Standard Logo

  • Rosewood Logo

  • Riverbank Lofts Logo

  • Warbler Woods Logo

  • The West Village Logo