Community Vision Management


What is a Home?

Home is many things to many people. Home is often thought of as a place of comfort, a place of belonging. It is thought of as a place an individual can identify with, a physical extension of ourselves.  Home is a sense of place where we are grounded. Where it is safe to be ourselves, but feel part of something larger than ourselves. We feel a part of the environment and the community that surrounds us.

What is a Community?

Community can be seen as a sense of a common place. A group of people at home in a similar sense of place. In recent years there has been a growing importance in “community” and developing a “grounded” sense of place. Neo-traditional planning, interest in feng shui and other practices of environmental relatedness, the rise in private retirement and other specialty communities, co-housing projects, brownfield development, these all speak of creating places to live where people can feel that they belong. A vision of HOME.

Our Vision

Orchard Design is about vision. With our integrated knowledge and expertise we can guide a new community’s development from inception to completion, from the large scale to the smallest of scales, and create a coherent vision. A vision that presents a strong sense of place, a strong sense of added value, that strengthens the purchasers buying resolve. A vision that completes the homebuyers dream of home.


Community Vision Management