After Sales Research


Satisfaction Surveys

One of the best ways to build a strong brand is through word of mouth. Similarly, one of the best ways to destroy a brand is through word of mouth.


Find out what your purchasers really think before it’s too late.


Purchasers will always provide you with opportunities to salvage the sale. Good service alone is not enough to build a strong reputation on. Homeowners expect good service. The only way to build a great brand is through exceptional customer service. Exceptional customer service can repair previously unsatisfactory service and convert your homeowners into your best sales people.

We recommend that you regularly evaluate your colour selection process, your sales people and your after service. We have the tools to help you develop this, and to even coordinate it for you if you prefer a third party conduct the research as this often solicits more accurate feedback.


Focus Groups

Your existing homeowners are a wealth of knowledge. By efficiently understanding why they purchased a home from you, it will assist in developing strategies to attract and convert more potential homeowners who are likeminded. It will also help you potentially uncover wasted advertising expenses that are not effective or reaching your anticipated market.